HST 400.7 / Honors Capston (Fall 2015)

This course is designed for the history department’s honors students to develop and revise their theses. This will be a writing and research workshop, where students will be exposed to additional primary source collections while working with each other to advance their individual projects. Students in this course will also begin to engage in a broader community of scholars—within the class, at Miami, and beyond. By its conclusion, this course aims to develop participants’ honors theses, to create a sense of teamwork among attendees, and to foster a sense of belonging in academic circles beyond the university.


By the end of the course, participants will have:

  • a substantial portion of their honors thesis drafted.
  • hands-on experience examining and contextualizing primary source documents.
  • an understanding of how their sources connect with the larger historiography on the subject under study.
  • an awareness of how to diplomatically critique others’ works and create a community of scholars.